our Vision

The democratization of data has led to an abundance of information and the obscuring of insights. By developing a proprietary data visualization method, GoNoGo Charts® co-founders Alex Cole and Tyler Wood are able to provide investors with a clear view of market direction and trend in an easy-to-use tool. In the field of Technical Analysis, complex charting methods overwhelm the analyst and obscure the message written in the chart. GoNoGo Charts blend robust technical concepts into simple visuals that give an informed perspective of any market in terms of trend and momentum.


Co Founder


Co Founder

What are we trying to accomplish?

Make GoNoGo Charts® available to the widest possible audience of investors, traders, analysts, and advisors highlighting the power and simplicity of the tool to increase adoption and deeply embed GoNoGo Charts into the investment process for the greatest.
Through commercial relationships, GoNoGo Charts will be available as a subscription-based tool, plugin, or premium feature (including free access to GoNoGo Trend®) on existing charting services, brokerage platforms and market data analysis software.
Leveraging GoNoGo Charts unique visual tools, Alex and Tyler also deliver independent market analysis, consultative portfolio review, and actionable trade ideas.

Who is the target audience?

GoNoGo Charts will be available for all financial market participants (individual and institutional) so that they may clearly understand market conditions during the launch of an investment decision
For research analysts, the proprietary indicators and simplified visuals will enhance their research reports
For portfolio managers and traders, GoNoGo Charts provide immediately actionable intelligence on the risk/reward of every trade decision
For advisors managing client money, the clear visuals bring context to portfolio returns under variable market conditions and clarity around asset or sector allocations in a way clients can understand

Why should we expect success?

GoNoGo Charts is asset class agnostic, time frame agnostic, investment style agnostic and requires no prerequisite knowledge of statistics, fundamental, technical, quantitative, or intermarket analysis.

Alex and Tyler have been involved in financial services, education, and product development for decades. Our wide network of subject matter experts in the field of technical analysis and asset management provides a deep bench of advisory board members to steer the product extensions and development of new target segments while providing insightful feedback on the product.

Disciplined investing is simple, but not easy. Many traders and investors are overwhelmed by the often redundant, occasionally contradictory, and ever-complicated battery of indicators. GoNoGo Charts help investors understand the direction and continuity of price trends for any security, any asset class, across any time frame. By blending objective principles of technical analysis and the most widely used statistical measures, GoNoGo Charts remove “indicator overload.” Investors remain focused on what matters most – price – while colors of each bar or candle reflect the strength of the trend.

The market regime shift in 2020, return to volatility and rapid V-shaped recovery combined with internationally proscribed quarantine mandates accelerated the pre-existing trend of self-directed investing while also shifting institutional assets toward active management and driving a global demand for technical market research. There has never been a greater appetite for technical analysis, nor a greater misunderstanding for the responsible use of the toolkit.

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