Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc sees New “Go” identified

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc sees New “Go” identified


October 2021


Alex Cole

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc sees new "Go" identified after multi month "NoGo".

After recent highs in June, GoNoGo Oscillator broke below the zero line and then saw that level act as resistance during the "NoGo" trend.  Recently, toward the end of September, GoNoGo Oscillator was able to break through that level and is now seemingly finding support at zero.  Concurrently, GoNoGo Trend started to mix amber "Go Fish" bars with the "NoGo" colors as the NoGo was threatened.  On the most recent bar, a "Go" was identified with a pale aqua bar.  We will look for price to climb above patter resistance at around $17.90 as it tries to establish the "Go" trend.