$AMD sees fresh “Go” emerge above resistance

$AMD sees fresh “Go” emerge above resistance


November 2022


Alex Cole

$AMD enters a "GO" trend after climbing off lows.

Since end of August, $AMD has been in a "NoGo" that bottomed in October.  After consolidating mostly sideways since,  GoNoGo Oscillator rose to the zero line where it stayed, allowing a max GoNoGo Squeeze to build.  We noted in research that it would be important to watch for the break of the max Squeeze to determine the next move.  The GoNoGo Squeeze was broken to the upside as price challenged resistance and subsequently broke into positive territory. After retesting the zero line, GoNoGo Oscillator is back into positive territory and has given price the push it needed to see GoNoGo Trend paint first amber "Go Fish" and then an aqua "Go" bar.