Anything Beyond ($BYND) this “NoGo” trend?

Anything Beyond ($BYND) this “NoGo” trend?


June 2022


Alex Cole

$BYND has seen a "NoGo" in place since July of '21 when conditions changed at around $135.

Trading now under $24, we see GoNoGo Trend still painting strong purple bars and GoNoGo Oscillator riding the zero line.  This tells us that we are in a moment where there is little directional momentum as the fight between the bulls and the bears intensifies.  A second max GoNoGo Squeeze has been built.  We will watch to see in which direction GoNoGo Oscillator breaks out of the Squeeze.  If the "NoGo" is to continue, then we will see the Squeeze broken to the downside.  If this happens, expect another lower low.  If it breaks out of the Squeeze to the upside, there may be a "Go" trend "beyond" this "NoGo".