$AOSL; GoNoGo Oscillator shows renewed momentum in “Go” trend

$AOSL; GoNoGo Oscillator shows renewed momentum in “Go” trend


December 2021


Alex Cole

$AOSL looks to have broken out of a kind of bull flag, ready to move higher.  In our weekly research we’ve noted the relative outperformance of the technology sector; the GoNoGo Chart below shows Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Ltd in a strong “Go” trend as price breaks out of sideways consolidation.  The GoNoGo Oscillator fell to the zero line toward the end of the sideways move and rode the zero line as momentum waned.  Now, the objective zero level has become support and the oscillator has rallied into positive territory.  This has triggered a green Go Trend Continuation icon under the current price bar. This indicates that momentum has returned in the direction of the “Go” Trend.  Look for price support at the top of the consolidation pattern and for price to ultimately move higher.