Atlantica sustainable infrastructure in GoNoGo Max Squeeze

Atlantica sustainable infrastructure in GoNoGo Max Squeeze


March 2022


Alex Cole

Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure is in a GoNoGo Max Squeeze.

Toward the end of February, GoNoGo Oscillator broke above zero on heavy volume.  This lead the change in the GoNoGo Trend above as it clawed out of the "NoGo" first with an amber "Go Fish" bar and then into "Go" colors.  Go Countertrend Correction red arrows indicated that price may consolidate against the trend in the short term and as it has moved sideways GoNoGo Oscillator has fallen to the zero line.  Reduced volatility has caused GoNoGo Oscillator to stay at the zero line and cause the climbing grid of GoNoGo Squeeze to climb to its max.  We will watch for a break out of the Squeeze to tip us off to price's next move.  Given that the trend is a "Go" we will look for a Go Trend Continuation green circle (momentum returning in the direction of the trend) and then look for price to set a new high as the trend continues.