BJ’s Restaurants sees new “Go” trend identified

BJ’s Restaurants sees new “Go” trend identified


September 2021


Alex Cole

Has the time come for a rally in BJ's Restaurants stock prices?

Having been stuck in a "NoGo" quagmire of falling prices for several months, are people finally ready to get out and eat? Interestingly, GoNoGo Oscillator made a break above zero toward the end of August after being staunchly at or below zero for the "NoGo" trend.  GoNoGo Trend couldn't follow through however, only being able to muster up an amber "Go Fish" bar.  Now, price is painted the first of the "Go" colors, aqua, and GoNoGo Oscillator is riding the zero line.  We will look to see if momentum comes in the direction of this new "Go" trend and if the oscillator can get into positive territory that would signal confirmation of the new trend.