$CERT in Max GoNoGo Squeeze

$CERT in Max GoNoGo Squeeze


April 2022


Alex Cole

After setting an ultimate low on March 14th, $CERT is in a max GoNoGo Squeeze.

GoNoGo Trend is painting amber "Go Fish" bars, indicating that there is uncertainty surrounding the technical environment for the stock.  Having been in a "NoGo" since November of 21, we have seen prices rally of late, causing the GoNoGo Oscillator to break through the zero line into positive territory.  This was not a good sign for the "NoGo" trend.  Now, as GoNoGo Trend has been unable to maintain "NoGo" colors, painting a couple of "Go Fish" bars, we see the oscillator riding the zero line.  This has caused the climbing grid of GoNoGo Squeeze to rise to its max representing the lack of directional momentum.  We will look to see in which direction the squeeze is broken.  If the oscillator breaks out of the squeeze into positive territory we may well see a new "Go" trend take hold.