$CLW in Max GoNoGo Squeeze in “NoGo” trend

$CLW in Max GoNoGo Squeeze in “NoGo” trend


October 2022


Alex Cole

$CLW has been in a "NoGo" for a month with prices continuing to fall from the high.

At the end of August, GoNoGo Oscillator broke below the zero line indicating trouble for the "Go" trend and has stayed at or below the zero line since.  The large gap a month ago has been filled and has provided support at the lower end of the gap.  Now, as price rallied from that support, GoNoGo Oscillator has risen to test the zero line from below where a max GoNoGo Squeeze is in effect.  If the Squeeze is broken to the upside, we could expect price to rally further.  If the oscillator moves back into negative territory, look for price to have the momentum it needs to break below the gap support.