$COIN in max GoNoGo Squeeze in “Go” trend

$COIN in max GoNoGo Squeeze in “Go” trend


March 2023


Alex Cole

$COIN is in a max GoNoGo Squeeze.

After climbing off the lows from the end of December, $COIN hit a high in early February.  Since then, price has pulled back, causing GoNoGo Oscillator to fall to the zero line and stay there.  As the oscillator rides the zero line, we can say that there is little directional momentum as a tug of war between buyers and sellers is fought.  We will look for the Squeeze to be broken by the oscillator moving into positive territory. That would indicate resurgent momentum in the direction of the current "Go" trend and perhaps give price the push it needs to move higher.  A break of the squeeze into negative territory would be a further concern for the "Go" trend.