$COWN in Max GoNoGo Squeeze in “NoGo” trend

$COWN in Max GoNoGo Squeeze in “NoGo” trend


May 2022


Alex Cole

$COWN is in a max GoNoGo Squeeze as the "NoGo" trend persists.

The "NoGo" trend has been in place since November of 2021 and GoNoGo Oscillator has found the zero line to be resistance over and over again as price moves lower.  Each time GoNoGo Oscillator moves back into negative territory we see the NoGo Trend Continuation icon (green circle) providing a relatively low risk opportunity to participate in the trend.  We will watch to see if it can break out of the GoNoGo Squeeze to the upside which would indicate a possible threat to the "NoGo" trend or if it gets rejected again, ensuring the status quo.  If that happens, we will look for price to move lower from here.