$DIS sees a change to “Go” trend

$DIS sees a change to “Go” trend


October 2023


Alex Cole

Finally, after a strong "NoGo" trend that began in May, GoNoGo Trend flashes a new "Go" bar on $DIS.

Something positive for $DIS at last? It looks that way. After a new lower low we have seen the end of the "NoGo" for now.  A price rally from those lows saw GoNoGo Trend come out of "NoGo" bars and paint a string of amber "Go Fish" bars representing uncertainty.  As that happened, GoNoGo Oscillator was not rejected by the zero line as you'd expect, instead breaking through into positive territory. This came a few bars ahead of the "Go" trend change in price.  Now, we have positive momentum that is on the side of the new "Go" trend and so we will look for price to make a first new higher high.