$DLTR flags new “GO” trend

$DLTR flags new “GO” trend


November 2023


Alex Cole

After a "NoGo" trend that started in August, $DLTR has moved into a "Go" trend.

In October $DLTR hit an ultimate low and since then has been in a basing pattern that saw a higher low.  During that span, GoNoGo Oscillator rose to test the zero line from below.  It broke through that level and then quickly return to test the zero line but this time from above. We saw a Max GoNoGo Squeeze build as momentum stalled.  GoNoGo Trend moved out of the "NoGo" and painted a string of amber "Go Fish" bars during the GoNoGo Squeeze. Now, as the oscillator breaks out of the Squeeze into positive territory we see GoNoGo Trend paint an aqua "Go" bar.  We will look for price to set a new higher high and have a target at the bottom of the gap around $131.