$DOCS starts new “Go” trend with positive momentum

$DOCS starts new “Go” trend with positive momentum


June 2022


Alex Cole

$DOCS flashes new "Go" trend after months of a "NoGo" correction.

As we see relative outperformance in the healthcare sector we can look to securities in that space that are setting up well on a GoNoGo Chart.  The char above shows Doximity.  Having set a first higher low since the low in May, we see GoNoGo Trend fail to keep painting "NoGo" bars as a new "Go" appears after two amber "Go Fish" bars. This follows weeks of GoNoGo Oscillator generally being above and finding support at the zero line.  Indeed, as the "Go" is flagged, GoNoGo Oscillator bounces off zero into positive territory again, showing us that momentum is in the direction of this new trend.