Dutch $BROS Inc “Go Fish” in max GoNoGo Squeeze

Dutch $BROS Inc “Go Fish” in max GoNoGo Squeeze


June 2022


Alex Cole

Dutch Bros Inc ($BROS) is seeing the "NoGo" falter and an amber bar of uncertainty.

These "Go Fish" bars often appear in transitions between trends.  We note that this amber "Go Fish" bar comes as price tries to hold the support that is found at the top of what looks to be an exhaustion gap on 5/12/22.  GoNoGo Oscillator broke above zero on the rally of that low and is now riding the zero line as a max GoNoGo Squeeze builds.  We will look to see if GoNoGo Oscillator finds support here and breaks out of the squeeze into positive territory.  If this happens we may well see price attempt to set a new high above $43.