E-Plus Inc looks for direction in max GoNoGo Squeeze


February 2022


Alex Cole

E-Plus Inc is in a max GoNoGo Squeeze as GoNoGo Trends shows the "NoGo" is still in place.

After a lengthy NoGo move, price looks to have rallied slightly off the ultimate low.  We saw a NoGo CounterTrend Correction green arrow at that low. As price has moved slightly higher since then, GoNoGo Oscillator has risen to the zero line and stayed there, causing the climbing grid of the GoNoGo Squeeze to rise to and stay at its extreme.  This tells us that in the fight between the bulls and the bears we don't yet have a clear winner.  If the oscillator gets rejected by the zero line and breaks out of the squeeze into negative territory we can look for a new move in the direction of the "NoGo".  A break out of the squeeze into positive territory would threaten the 'NoGo".