$EXPD flags new “Go” trend

$EXPD flags new “Go” trend


October 2023


Alex Cole

$EXPD is emerging from a heavy "NoGo" correction.

For most of August, September and into October, $EXPD has been embroiled in a deep "NoGo" correction.  Now, GoNoGo Trend paints a first aqua "Go" bar having painted a few amber "Go Fish" bars of uncertainty.  This comes after GoNoGo Oscillator has crept into positive territory. We have also noticed that there has been bullish divergence between price and the GoNoGo Oscillator with it making higher lows as it approached the zero line.  We will watch to see if GoNoGo Oscillator can find support at the zero line going forward.  If it does that would indicate that momentum is confirming the new "Go" trend in price.  We will then look for price to take out the recent September highs.