Green Dot Corporation flags new “Go” trend

Green Dot Corporation flags new “Go” trend


April 2022


Alex Cole

Green Dot Corporation sees GoNoGo Trend flag a new "Go" trend.

After a lengthy "NoGo" trend that has been in place for several months we see enough of the GoNoGo input criteria being met and so a "Go" bar appears.  Prices have moved higher since the ultimate low on March 8th and a first higher low seems to have been set.  The "Go" bar comes after a string of amber "Go Fish" bars (trend neutrality) as is often the case in between trends.  Note that as this happens price is butting up against resistance in the form of a horizontal line,  It will be important for price to climb above and consolidate above that level.  If that happens, a first higher high will have been set and we can look for price to move higher still.