$JOBY set for new high in “Go” trend?

$JOBY set for new high in “Go” trend?


July 2023


Alex Cole

$JOBY has been in a strong "Go" trend since early May.

In June we saw a consolidation/correction against the trend that allowed GoNoGo Trend to paint a string of weaker aqua "Go" bars and GoNoGo Oscillator to fall to test the zero line from above. After being stuck at zero for several bars, allowing the climbing grid of the GoNoGo Squeeze to form, GoNoGo Oscillator rallied back into positive territory giving price the momentum it needed to hit a new high.  Price then pulled back from that high, and tested support from the recent gap.  GoNoGo Oscillator also tested the zero line but quickly found support.  With this support now clear on the chart, we will look for price to make an attempt on another new high.