Lowes testing resistance in an effort to set new high


October 2020


Alex Cole

In our pre-market Monday Morning Flight Path newsletter, we noted that having been in a strong “Go” trend June through August, $LOW has consolidated sideways through September with rising lows and highs at the upper bound of the ascending triangle. We also saw upward buying pressure from the bulls pushing the lows higher. Additionally, a low-risk entry signal (green circle) had appeared on 10/1, suggesting that price might make an attack on the resistance above. The GoNoGo Oscillator found support at zero.
This week has seen price action follow the plan, with price now testing the upper bound of the ascending triangle and the GoNoGo Oscillator in positive territory. There may be resistance at these levels, but we'll be looking to see if the "Go" trend that is now in place with positive momentum can set a new high.