$META strength amid weakness

$META strength amid weakness


March 2023


Alex Cole

$META holds on to "GO" trend as it looks for support.

What a few days it has been for the equity markets.  With the market tumbling, $META is relatively outperforming still.  In a "Go" trend, we have seen price weakness over the past few days as GoNoGo Trend paints weaker aqua bars as price falls from recent high.  So far, price has been unable to surpass the high from the beginning of February.  We now see GoNoGo Oscillator falling to test the zero line from above. If this "Go" trend is to remain healthy, we will want to see GoNoGo Oscillator remain in positive territory.  A rally off zero here would trigger a Go Trend Continuation Icon (green circle) indicating that momentum is still in the direction of the "Go" trend.  That may help price with the push it needs to set a new higher high.