$MMS looks for support in “Go” trend

$MMS looks for support in “Go” trend


August 2022


Alex Cole

$MMS has seen reduced volatility after establishing a "Go" trend July 19th.

After setting a low mid June in the last "NoGo", GoNoGo Oscillator has been able to break above zero and find support at that level.  GoNoGo Trend identified a "Go" trend as price burst through resistance from a downward sloping trend line and we see that price has since tested that support.  As price range has shrunk, GoNoGo Oscillator has fallen to the zero line where it has stayed, causing the climbing grid of the GoNoGo Squeeze to build to its max. We will watch for a breakout of the Squeeze. If GoNoGo Squeeze is broken to the upside, then we will know that momentum has returned in the direction of the "Go" trend and we can look for price to set a new high.