moderna leading healthcare outperformance


November 2020


Alex Cole

In our Monday pre market newsletter, Flight Path, we highlighted the healthcare sector as showing signs of outperformance. We talked about PFE, MRNAand the less popular NVAZ. Novavax is still in its “NoGo” trend, but continues to ride the zero line on the oscillator. We will watch that closely.
Both Pfizer and Moderna saw nice jumps in price after the good vaccine news this week and are now in new “Go” trends. PFE has since pulled back a little and we will look to see if it can find support on the GoNoGo Oscillator at the zero line to maintain the trend.
The chart of Moderna, above, has seen a sustained move up since the beginning of the week since re-flagging a “Go” trend.
This recent rally has been accompanied by heavy volume, as we can see in the dark blu