$NVDA, can it really go higher?

$NVDA, can it really go higher?


July 2023


Alex Cole

$NVDA has been a leader in the leading semi conductor space for some time.

We saw a new "Go" trend emerge in February and since then it has set a series of higher highs and higher lows. The "Go" trend has been completely unbroken, with GoNoGo Trend painting blue and aqua bars.  During this time, GoNoGo Oscillator has predominantly found support at the zero line.  Now, we are testing support once again.  Polarity suggests that the prior high should act as support and as this level is tested we see GoNoGo Oscillator is testing the zero line from above.  We will watch to see if this level provides support for the oscillator.  If it does, we will be able to say that momentum is resurgent on the side of the "Go" trend and we will look for price to make an attempt at a new high.