Ready to $DASH higher?

Ready to $DASH higher?


October 2022


Alex Cole

$DASH is in a “NoGo” trend making lower lows and lower highs since late summer.

Now, we see price rallying from those recent lows and on pink bars, suggesting that the “NoGo” trend is weakening.  This is normal for a counter trend rally.  We are also seeing bullish divergence as GoNoGo Oscillator makes a higher low, not confirming the last lower low in price.  In addition, this recent rally from the lows has been accompanied by heavier volume as GoNoGo Oscillator has been dark blue.  The oscillator is now testing the zero line from below where we will watch to see if it can break through that level into positive territory.  Of course, if it doesn’t, and GoNoGo Trend stays painting “NoGo” bars, then the weight of the evidence remains pointing to the downside.