SunRun Inc sees new “Go” identified

SunRun Inc sees new “Go” identified


March 2022


Alex Cole

SunRun Inc sees a fresh “Go” trend identified.

Emerging from a “NoGo” that lasted several months, SunRun Inc saw GoNoGo Oscillator climb above the zero line on heavy volume last week as price rallied from its lowest low. As we expect throughout the “NoGo” the zero line had provided resistance for the oscillator and so to see it break through into positive territory was a good sign for any bulls out there.  After a first higher high was made we saw GoNoGo Trend unable to maintain NoGo Colors and an amber “Go Fish” bar preceded the current aqua “Go” bar.  Confirming the change in trend, GoNoGo Oscillator has found support at the zero line above downward sloping resistance.