$TGT targets new high in “Go” trend

$TGT targets new high in “Go” trend


September 2022


Alex Cole

$TGT is looking to make a new high in this young "Go" trend.

After making a few higher highs since entering a "Go" trend at the end of July, price stalled in August and a Go Countertrend Correction red arrow hinted at the ensuing correction that was to come.  This move against the "Go" trend was enough to send GoNoGo Oscillator into negative territory for a few days.  GoNoGo Trend was able to maintain "Go" colored bars throughout however and now, GoNoGo Oscillator is back above the zero line telling us that momentum is back in the direction of the "Go" trend.  After this Go Trend Continuation green circle, we will look to see if price can set a new high.