Trend change coming for $COMM?

Trend change coming for $COMM?


June 2023


Alex Cole

Is a trend change to a "Go" imminent for $COMM?

We can see that since early this year, after breaking out of a Max GoNoGo Squeeze in February, $COMM has been in a strong "NoGo" trend with price making a series of lower lows and lower highs.  At the beginning of this month, GoNoGo Oscillator was able to break above the zero line for the first time since the "NoGo" took hold, and has since retested that level and found support.  This positive momentum aligns with prices rallying to climb above downward sloping resistance and now GoNoGo Trend paints an amber "Go Fish" bar.  This is the first deviation from "NoGo" colors since the start of the trend.  There appears to be constructive evidence that the "NoGo" has ended, and we look for GoNoGo Trend to paint "Go" bars soon.