Trend changes for Opendoor Technologies to a “Go”

Trend changes for Opendoor Technologies to a “Go”


July 2021


Alex Cole

Opendoor Technologies has struggled the past few months.

However, the technical environment has changed. If we look at the GoNoGo chart we see that first, toward the end of May, the GoNoGo Oscillator rode the zero line causing a max GoNoGo Squeeze to build up.  It has since broken out of the squeeze into positive territory and found support at that level.  after setting a higher low, price has seen enough trending conditions met to have the GoNoGo Trend indicator move from "NoGo" to amber "Go Fish" and now to the first aqua color of a "Go" trend.  Look for the GoNoGo Oscillator to rally further into positive territory and for the GoNoGo Trend to strengthen to the brightest blue as price tries to set a higher high.