$TTWO tries to establish new “Go” trend

$TTWO tries to establish new “Go” trend


October 2023


Alex Cole

$TTWO sees sings of new "Go" trend beginning.

After a high in mid July that triggered a Go Countertrend Correction Icon (red arrow), we have seen price correct and enter a "NoGo".  Price moved mostly sideways during that time and yet now there are signs that after some uncertainty a "Go" may prevail.  We saw bullish oscillator divergence between price and GoNoGo Oscillator where price made a slightly lower low that was not confirmed as the oscillator made a higher low.  Following that, GoNoGo Oscillator broke into positive territory on heavy volume which gave price a boost.  GoNoGo Trend then painted a mixture of amber "Go Fish" bars representing uncertainty and aqua "Go" bars. With GoNoGo Oscillator recently finding support at the zero line on heavy volume, we see another new aqua "Go" bar.  Perhaps the positive momentum we see this time will allow the "Go" trend to settle and make an attempt at a new high.