Twitter in max GoNoGo Squeeze after long NoGo

Twitter in max GoNoGo Squeeze after long NoGo


February 2022


Alex Cole

Twitter has been in a strong "NoGo" trend since October of last year.
While there hasn't been much for bulls to get excited about, we are looking at a pause in the bearish price activity. GoNoGo Oscillator has been riding the zero line as price rallied these past few weeks.  This has caused the climbing grid of the GoNoGo Squeeze to reach its extreme and stay there.  This prolonged period of reduced volatility makes us anticipate a break out of the squeeze.  We will be watching to see if GoNoGo Oscillator once again gets ultimately rejected by the zero line, in which case we could expect further price deterioration.  If however, it breaks out of the squeeze into positive territory then that would be a sign that the "NoGo" trend is in trouble.