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In this special one-hour workshop, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of critical concepts in technical analysis and how to apply them to their own investment process. Specifically, Alex and Tyler will address allocation and security selection to improve performance results, no matter what investment products, time period, or trading style you employ. This session will include a focused review of current market conditions, with an eye toward important relationships that will drive investor returns through the rest of the year.

As we enter the second half of the year, it is helpful to understand what areas of the market are leading and how relative strength has rotated since the pandemic lows of 2020. For active managers, over-diversification can cause unwanted drag on portfolio returns. Recognizing trends on an absolute and relative basis will improve performance by shifting probabilities in your favor.

GoNoGo Charts allow investors to glean clear insights on Trend, Momentum, Volume and Volatility for single securities, ETFs, sectors, indices and asset classes. It’s not just the absolute trends that are important, though; the concepts can easily be applied to ratios of any security against a benchmark.

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00:00 – Introduction

02:10 – Trend Identification

11:53 – Multiple Timeframe Analysis

15:00 – Multiple Asset Classes

19:09 – Relative Strength

27:00 – The Complete Solution (momentum, volume, volatility)

29:17 – GoNoGo Oscillator 36:18 – GoNoGo Icons

37:22 – GoNoGo Squeeze

41:07 – Walk-thru GoNoGo Charts



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