Equities Turn “NoGo” as Weight of Macro Factors Takes Toll | Alex Cole | GoNoGo Charts


March 2023



On this week’s show Alex is on his own. He takes a look at the major assets and notes that Equities have surrendered to a NoGo trend this week. Treasury rates rising, along with the dollar could be acting as a headwind for stocks. Within the S&P 500, we see growth sectors trying to hang on to out-performance with defense continuing to perform badly. Taking a look at the discretionary sector though shows that there are signs of trouble ahead even here. Finally, a look at TSLA shows a crack in the auto manufacturer’s armor.

00:00 Intro

01:00 SPY

06:37 10-Year Treasury Yield TNX, US Dollar UUP, Gold GLD

10:13 US Oil USO, S&P 500 SPY, Consumer Discretionary XLY

15:57 Tesla TSLA, Bitcoin BTCUSD



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