How To Utilize GoNoGo Charts


February 2023



Tyler Wood, CMT is Managing Director of CMT Association with the aim of elevating investors’ mastery and skill in mitigating market risk and maximizing return in capital markets through a rigorous credentialing process, professional ethics, and continuous education. He is a seasoned business executive focused on educational technology for the financial services industry. Since 2011, Tyler has presented the tools of technical analysis around the world to investment firms, regulators, exchanges, and broker-dealers.

In today's video, Tyler explains how to use GoNoGo Charts to visualize these uncertain market conditions, the impact of interest rates and other macro factors on the equities markets, and how a proper repertoire of technical tools will allow you to follow price action with a more disciplined approach.

Tyler also highlights some companies like $META, $CAT, $SQM, and more to show how GoNoGo Indicators make the direction of trend easy to follow for any trader. 📈

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