MetaStock | Stocks and Options Traders Conference – Day 4 – Fall 2022


November 2022


Daniel Jayaro

You're invited to join us for Day 4 of the Online Traders Conference on November 7 - 11, 2022. Thirty-nine industry experts will show you what it takes to be a successful trader in ANY market with ANY account size. This event is for traders of all levels.

All the speakers are experienced in trading Stocks, Options, and FOREX, and more. They are eager to teach you their secrets to success.

This event is sponsored by MetaStock, CMT Association, and Stock and Commodities Magazine.

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Day Four Schedule


00:00:00 Introduction by Kelly Clement

00:12:04 Jeff Tompkins - The "Slingshot" Setup: How to Forecast Market Sell-offs and Rebounds

01:15:26 Adrian Manz - Harness the Volatility and Learn to Profit in Any Market

02:20:30 Kelly Clement - Finding the Best Trading Strategy For You

03:11:15 Fausto Pugliese - Fausto’s Favorite Trading Tools & How He Uses Them to Spot Breakouts

04:08:09 John Thomas - The Golden age of Trading is Now!

05:12:21 Tyler Wood - Why Technical Analysis Works for Every Investment Process

06:15:15 Marina Villatoro - Become A Profitable Trader - Get Back to the Basics of Day Trading

07:21:21 Jeff Kilian - How to Trade the Market Volatility like a True Professional



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