StockCharts TV EP #19 | Equity Selloff Continues, Commodities Hold a “Go” Trend | GoNoGo Charts (05.12.22)


May 2022


Tyler Wood

Alex and Tyler are back together talking markets from midtown Manhattan.

The heavy selling pressure this week has kept US Treasury bonds and major equity indices in strong “NoGo” trends. While many analysts are searching for signs of a bottom, key areas of support are breaking. Alex and Tyler look across the asset classes at absolute trends as well as the sectors of the S&P500 for relative strength. Defensive and cyclical sectors continue to show leadership. Names within the US Commodities index such as Chevron, and $CORN deliver constructive evidence of trend continuation.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has worked down through key support at $33,000 and at the time of recording was sitting at $29,000 the next line in the sand. Join Alex and Tyler on June 15 for a special educational session "Beat the Benchmark: Understanding Relative Strength" right on

00:00 - Introduction

1:08 - S&P 500

07:18 - TLT

10:14 - BTCUSD

14:15 - USCI

16:18 - CVX

18:14 - CORN


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