US Equities Back in “NoGo” Trend | GoNoGo Charts

GoNoGo Charts allow investors to take the emotion and guesswork out of investing. Alex and Tyler examine the weight of the evidence and use GoNoGo to react responsibly to market trends. S&P 500 trends are in NoGo conditions across weekly, daily, and intraday timeframes. US Interest rates ($TNX) decisively broke out above July resistance on strong “Go” conditions. Higher rates have been headwinds for equities as investors digest further rate hikes from the Fed. Similarly, the US Dollar index (UUP) gapped higher today, accelerating the trend towards highs last seen in 2002. Oil (USO) is in a strong “NoGo” and diversified commodities (USCI) have fallen out of the Go trend to a neutral amber bar today.

00:00 – Intro

01:02 – SPY Daily

01:52 – SPY Weekly

06:11 – GoNoGo Asset Class Heat Map

07:01 – $TNX – Daily

09:48 – USD – UUP daily then weekly

12:02 – USO – Continued NoGo

13:40 – USCI

15:05 – GoNoGo Sector RelMap – call out XLK and XLY & XLI & XLU

17:01 – XLE

18:11 – XLE:SPY

18:55 – Financial Select Sector (XLF), CF Industries Holdings (CF)

21:40 – BTCUSD



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