StockCharts TV EP #40 | Rally Provides No Relief As “NoGo” Returns | GoNoGo Charts (10.13.22)


October 2022


Daniel Jayaro

In a highly volatile morning, markets reacted to an upside surprise in both PPI and CPI inflation data. Annualized inflation remains at 8.2% in the US and the S&P 500 gapped lower at the open. Despite a magnificent rally back into positive territory by midday, the trend remains a “NoGo.” Alex and Tyler review SPY in weekly, faily and 3-minute time horizons to unpack how trend conditions are reflected on multiple perspectives. Reviewing the sharp selloff in the US Dollar index today, $UUP remains in an upward “Go” trend. Similarly, in $TNX, US treasury yields continue to climb higher. Alex and Tyler review $DBA, a diversified agricultural commodities ETF, along multiple timeframes as well to better understand what could be a larger secular move in the commodities market.

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00:00 - Intro

00:49 - S&P 500

09:45 - GoNoGo Cross Asset Heat Map

11:23 - 10-year Treasury Yield ($TNX)

13:05 - US Dollar (UUP)

16:54 - US Oil (USO)

18:20 - Invesco DB Agriculture Fund (DBA)




$TNX $USD S&P 500 US Oil