Earnings Do Not Equal Trends | GoNoGo Charts

On this week’s show, Alex and Tyler take a look at some stocks that had big moves around earnings this week, including AT&T and IBM. Alex also runs through an example (Netflix) of using information from traditional technical analysis (in this case, the resistance from a gap) in conjunction with GoNoGo Charts. As they do every week, the guys take a top down approach to look at how macro drivers such as rates, oil and the dollar are causing headwinds for stocks.


00:00 – Intro

01:11 – Netflix (NFLX), AT&T (T), International Business Services (IBM)

07:08 – Union Pacific (UNP)

09:45 – S&P 500 GoNoGo Cross Asset Heat Map

11:00 – 10-year Treasury Yield ($TNX)

12:40 – US Dollar (UUP)

15:08 – US Oil (USO)

16:09 – GoNoGo RelMap: S&P 500 Sector Relative Strength Against Benchmark

18:15 – Energy Sector (XLE), Financial Sector (XLF)


Website: https://www.gonogocharts.com/


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$TNX Energy Netflix S&P 500 US Oil

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