“Fish Where the Fish Are” | GoNoGo Trends for Relative Strength | GoNoGo Charts

Alex Cole and Tyler Wood, CMT explain the process and tools that investors can use to narrow their universe of securities to those in the highest performing sector, industry group, and even to individual names. Starting from the macro picture, GoNoGo Charts help investors understand relationships between asset classes. Both $TNX and $USD are gaining strength on a daily basis from NoGo trend conditions to amber bars of neutral or uncertain conditions. Often found between trend reversals, the recent rise in treasury yields and the dollar index have a subtle, but observable, negative impact on further price gains in the equity index.

Looking closely at natural gas, $UNG, Alex and Tyler unpack the textbook technical analysis investors can rely upon to see double-top formations and channel breakdowns. These more subjective methods provide context and confirmation to the statistical tools built into GoNoGo Charts. They also talk Recreational Services, Travel & Tourism, and Recreational Products. Highlighting the sustained “Go” trend conditions in Tempurpedic (TPX), Alex and Tyler showcase the disciplined process for managing the lifecycle of a trade using this top-down methodology to help investors “Fish Where the Fish Are.”


00:36 – S&P 500 (SPY) (GoNoGo Asset Class Heat Map remains NoGo – Daily & Weekly)

02:17 TNX – Fresh Go Trend – Daily & Weekly

03:35 UUP – US Dollar Continues NoGo, Oscillator rejected at 0 line

05:20 GLD, USO – Daily Go, Weekly NoGo – resolved down, UNG, VIX – Risk indicator

12:53 S&P 500 SPY – Weekly Neutral, Daily Go Trend conditions GoNoGo Sector Relmap, XLY

22:25 Within XLY – $DJUSFH – Furnishings (3 above – Recreational Services, Travel & Tourism, Recreational Products)

23:29 TPX – Tempurpedic



$SPY $TLT $TNX $USO GoNoGo Charts S&P 500

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