S&P Hovering At Critical Inflection Point | GoNoGo Charts


February 2022


Tyler Wood

The S&P 500 is still hovering at a critical inflection point. Overall “NoGo” conditions for the daily period trend of the S&P500, but GoNoGo Oscillator breaking through the zero line after a max squeeze was an encouraging sign for the bulls. Warnings from U.S. officials that a Russian invasion of Ukraine might be imminent late Friday afternoon may have contributed to the late-session sell-off. Alex and Tyler will review the longer-term weekly trend as well to understand the weight of the evidence toward overall risk appetite. This week’s show will look at several different Heat Maps using the GoNoGo methodology to isolate the trend conditions on a relative basis for Leading & Lagging Style Factors. For clients who consider style-box allocation strategies, it's helpful to compare GoNoGo Conditions up and down the cap scale and between value and growth shares. GoNoGo Charts offer a view on energy and gold this week in terms of what is extended and what is just getting started. And finally, we’ll consider the reopening trade both in terms of the $CRUZ ETF and Live Nation as a single stock idea for those looking to express a view that travel, leisure and entertainment sectors of the economy are preparing to bounce back.

00:00 - Intro

01:04 - Top Down Look At The Markets

04:42 - Longer Term Perspective on S&P 500

07:44 - Asset Allocation Strategies: Factor Investing, Style Boxes

11:03 - S&P 500 On a Sector Basis

17:22 - Renewed interest in Gold as a Potential Play

21:14 - Checking in on Bitcoin

24:55 - The Reopening Trade




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