Blow-off Top or Trend Acceleration? | GoNoGo Charts

Volatility continues to deliver Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt to investors as the world deals with accelerating inflation and open war against Ukraine. Treasury bond prices remain in a strong “NoGo” trend, painting purple bars, while $TNX yields climb back to 2.00%. Commodities remain the leading light for trend followers as fresh CPI data reports 7.9% inflation in the US. Welcome to your weekly episode of GoNoGo Charts.


00:00 – Intro

01:23 – Asset Class HeatMap

02:41 – Inflation and Yield Trends: 10-Year Treasury ($TNX)

04:34 – S&P 500 ETF (SPY) NoGo Trend 07: 51 – GoNoGo Sector RelMap

09:51 – Blow off Top in the Energy Sector (XLE)?

12:35 – United States Oil ETF (USO)

16:52 – Valero ($VLO)

18:45 – Solar Batteries: SunRun (RUN)

21:32 – Short Trade Ideas: LuLu Lemon (LULU), Certara (CERT)

24:56 – iShares Gold Trust (IAU) Monthly Cup and Handle formation



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#cpi #treasury #yields #commodities


#cpi #treasury #yields #commodities $CERT $IAU $LULU $RUN $TNX $USO $VLO $XLE CPI GoNoGo Cross Asset HeatMap GoNoGo Sector RelMap

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