STOCKCHARTSTV Ep. #57 | Charts Telling the Story of the Markets | Alex Cole and Tyler Wood, CMT | GoNoGo Charts (03.30.23)


March 2023



On this weeks show Alex and Tyler zoom out and take a look at several weekly and even longer time frame charts that tell the story of what we are seeing in the markets. While the financial news cycle is all doom and gloom there are signs from the charts of constructive price activity in U.S. equities. After looking at the macro factors that have an impact on stocks, Alex opens up the GoNoGo Sector RelMap and discover clear rotation away from defensive sectors into growth sectors. Diving down into one of those, technology, they discuss the leadership coming from semiconductors and renewable energy equipment. Finally, they discuss the different fortunes of a couple of those renewable energy companies, First Solar and Plug Power.

00:00 - Intro 00:59 - S&P 500 ETF ( SPY )

07:41 - 10-Year Treasury Yield ( TNX )

11:44 - US Dollar Index (UUP ), Gold Trust ( GLD ), United States Oil ETF ( USO )

16:15 - S&P 500 Sector Groups

22:56 - Dow U.S. Renewable Energy Equipment Index ( DWCREE ), First Solar ( FSLR ), Plug Power ( PLUG )


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