Equity Markets Hanging on to “Go” Trend | Alex Cole | GoNoGo Charts

On today’s GNG Show, Alex takes a top down approach to analyze the markets using GoNoGo Charts unique approach. Alex shows how the major asset classes are performing and then looks at the macro factors that effect the equity markets. Treasury rates, gold, oil and the dollar all help inform the investor. Diving into the equity markets Alex uses the GoNoGo Sector RelMap to show how the growth sectors are helping to keep the overall market in its “Go” trend. After looking at the relative GoNoGo Charts of XLK and XLC, Alex walks through several single securities such as META, AAPL, NVDA, and SHOP to look for strong trends and possible opportunities. Finally, he takes a look at the crypto currency environment.

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:40 – S&P 500 ETF (SPY)
  • 06:22 – 10-Yr Treasury Yield ($TNX), Gold Trust (GLD), US Oil ETF (USO)
  • 09:25 – US Dollar Index (UUP), Technology Sector (XLK), Communication Services Sector (XLC) 1
  • 4:54 – Meta Platforms (META), Apple (AAPL), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • 19:33 – NVIDIA (NVDA), Shopify (SHOP), Bitcoin to US Dollar ($BTCUSD)


#RelativeStrength $SPY $TLT $TNX $USO GoNoGo Asset Class HeatMap GoNoGo Heat Map GoNoGo Oscillator GoNoGo RelMap GoNoGo Sector RelMap GoNoGo Trend

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