Technical Analysis for Australian Investment Professionals | by CMT Association & Bloomberg | GoNoGo Charts

Technical Analysis for Australian Investment Professionals | by CMT Association & Bloomberg | GoNoGo Charts

Technical Analysis for Australian Investment Professionals Presented by CMT Association & Bloomberg

The CMT Association, partnering with Bloomberg, invites you to a special online webinar for the Australian institutional investment community on 30th August 2022. In this webinar, three speakers over two sessions will provide a global technical market update plus an exploration of trend following investment strategies suited to institutional investors. Global markets: Let History Show You the Future Today’s investor is increasingly looking for insights — and not just information, which is available aplenty. Consequently, data mining has become even more pivotal in the decision making process and can often help you discover relationships that you thought simply didn’t exist or weren’t worth paying attention to. Join us for a discussion where we will show how a blast from the past can help. Beat the benchmark: Institutional Trend Following Investment Strategies Trend identification is arguably the most important concept in technical analysis. While many traders explain their process in simple terms: “cut losses short, let winners run,” applying these rules requires discipline. Institutional portfolio managers use a repeatable, rules-based system to guide their risk management and alpha capture. In this session, Alex Cole and Tyler Wood will discuss a responsible top-down approach to market analysis and how the best-performing fund managers employ technical analysis in their investment process. Learn more about how institutional traders focus on risk management, position sizing, and a disciplined approach to capturing returns across multiple asset classes. In this session, attendees will learn how to structure a disciplined trading process with consistent rules that fit their trading strategy, but more importantly, to avoid analysis paralysis by keeping their focus on price, not endless indicators. Alex and Tyler will specifically discuss concepts such as relative strength, divergence, momentum, and trend analysis using GoNoGo Charts® with a view on current markets and the performance of investment managers in any market regime.
Technical analysis shines in periods of market adversity and volatility. The discipline forged by studying market cycles, human behaviour and the irrefutable laws of supply and demand is an investor’s best weapon for uncertain times.


  • Akshay Chinchalkar, Electronic Trading Solutions, Workflow specialist, Bloomberg
  • Alex Cole, Co-Founder, Gonogo Charts
  • Tyler Wood, Co-Founder, Gonogo Charts, Managing Director, CMT Association
  • Jamie Coutts, Cyber Markets Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence


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