When In Doubt, Zoom Out! Focusing on Data to Avoid Emotional Decisions (with Tyler Wood, CMT)


April 2023



In this week's update, Tyler Wood, CMT joins us live from the Quinnipiac GAME forum in New York City to share some thoughts on looming recession worries and how to utilize data, particularly the performance of the S&P 500, to mitigate an emotional response to market news.

Tyler goes on to share a GoNoGo chart for $USO (United States Oil ETF) to show that 2022's commodity run has tapered off, but not collapsed as some have feared.

Later on, Tyler explains how the chart for $TNX (10-year US Treasury Yield) shows that fears of a severe economic downturn may be overblown.

📈 Learn more about Tyler and the CMT Association at their website here: https://cmtassociation.org/


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