Chart Pack Review for the Week Ending Nov 19, 2021

Chart Pack Review for the Week Ending Nov 19, 2021


November 2021


Tyler Wood

Welcome to your weekly markets review for November 20th, 2021.

Below you’ll find the GoNoGo Launch Conditions Chart Pack which provides a snapshot of the major market trends across all asset classes. The importance of routine is a popular refrain amongst institutional money managers and this chart pack is your tool for an overall technical view of market conditions. Take a step back and equip yourself with a broad market perspective before developing next week’s trading plan.

Equities ($SPY) remain in a  “Go” trend and conditions strengthened to bright blue this week as the market reached new record highs.

SPY GoNoGo Trend 112021


However, below the surface of the index we can see evidence of rotation and changing leadership.

  • The GoNoGo RelMap below shows that only 3 sectors’ trend conditions outperformed the index this week
  • Materials ($XLB), discretionary ($XLY), and technology ($XLK), remained in “Go” trends
  • Energy ($XLE) and Financials ($XLF) showed further downside pressures this week and are now both in “NoGo” relative trends against the index

GoNoGo RelMap S&P Sector Trends 112021

To access this week’s complete chart pack click here or the image below:


Launch Conditions GraphicGoNoGo LC 112021

Better Charts. Better Decisions.


#RelativeStrength $SPY GoNoGo Heat Map GoNoGo RelMap GoNoGo Trend sector rotation

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